What we are doing?

In today's competitive day and age many soap, shampoo, oil, capsules are available in the market. Which claim and promise that they are the best ample of money is invested on their advertisements to attract customers. Those advertisements done by film actresses or renound personalities. We usually get attracted by these advertisements and use these products but the result is zero in fact sometimes negative which causes hair falling, greying of hair etc.

Are we doing any mistake?

We are just caring our hair externally. But it needs nutrition from root which cannot be fulfilled by external shampoos, soaps and oils.

Why Kajri Syrup is necessary?

As for our strong bones, we need strong oiling externally and calcium for inner strength. Our hair also needs both internal and external care which we can be amply provided by regular use of Kajri Syrup.

How we have to use Kajri Syrup?

The world number one Kajri syrup can be used by ages 5 to 60. It's an Ayurvedic formula and prepared by the Indian and Chinese scripture has no side effects. It can be use in our daily routine. Its minimum course is for 90 days (6 bottles) but should be used more than 90 days as well as it has no side effects.

What is the benefit of it?

It gives full nutrition to the hair. It's helpful to remove hair problems like dandruff, hair falling, weak hair etc. It increases life of hair provides shine and necessary nutrition.

How to use it?

For kids one spoon in morning and evening, For adults two spoons in morning and evening, For kids one spoonful in morning and evening, For adults two spoons in morning and evening, While using kajri syrup, use any hair oil and then wash hair. We strongly recommend not to use perfumed hair oil, as it has harmful chemicals which damage hair. If you want you can also use Kesh Kajri hair oil which cost is only Rs.150/-. If it's not available in the market, you can also get it by contacting customer care. You can use any other herbal shampoo but not daily. It should be used in gaps of 1-2 days. There is no side effect of kajri syrup with any other medication so it can be safely taken with any other medication that you are having .
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